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Cho'gall Down

Ticktock24, Jan 23, 11 8:16 AM.
After a night an a half of attempts we killed it we would have killed it earlier in the night but a certain dps decided to use his awesome "belt of throw you high into the air and drop to your death" and in turn wiped on 200k .
But on other news this is great progression for us considering we only raid 3 days a week for 3 hours per night compared to other guilds we have been doing quite well! 

Chimaeron Down

Ticktock24, Jan 17, 11 8:09 AM.
Almost as easy as the Atramedes fight only took us around an hour to kill so good work everyone!

Atramedes Down

Ticktock24, Jan 17, 11 3:53 AM.
So we went in and killed this pretty fast i would have thought this would be a bit harder but its honestly has been one of the most easiest kills we have ever done.

Conclave of Wind Down

Ticktock24, Jan 10, 11 8:24 AM.
Went in and kill not much to be said.

Maloriak down and group 2 starts with a bang.

Ticktock24, Jan 10, 11 12:10 AM.
So we went in and killed Maloriak interesting fight but on other news we finally got group 2 started for raids in which they were able to kill magmaw first night of raid so big props to rukkus and his crew for helping start things. Oh and props to tastytomek for doing some fancy work on SS.


Hero Bata in SC2

Williamlololol, Jan 7, 11 11:38 PM.
After a long 56 minute game of which we thought we had in the bag. 8 Carriers began to roam around the map destroying what's left of our epeen. Until Bata flew by with 2 hero Vikings and saved the day killing their last Command Centre winning us a victory that was elusive to us.

Ascendant Council Down

Ticktock24, Jan 3, 11 7:35 AM.
So after attempting this boss for 2 nights in a row and failing we busted our nuts and got a kill. This boss really aint hard but just a gear check in which we didn't have but since according to Raz it was a easy kill we attempted this boss well before we were ready! But anyways good work everyone.

Magmaw and Valiona and Theralion Down

Ticktock24, Jan 1, 11 8:18 AM.
So we killed these two bosses quite a while ago but i forgot to get the SS and i found out we forgot to take the SS for Magmaw so i made my own i know.


Halfus Wyrmbreaker Down

Ticktock24, Dec 20, 10 8:38 AM.

After an hour learning the encounter we got our strat down and killed it! Good work everyone.

Omnotron Defense System Down

Ticktock24, Dec 19, 10 8:28 AM.

After much strife we finally got this boss down on the last attempt of the night! Good work all those involved.


Winny24, Dec 13, 10 2:28 PM.
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